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Board Certified Pedorthist

Unique Feet Pedorthics, Inc.
750 S. Hillside St.
Wichita, KS 67211
Phone: 316-687-9188

John P. Galbraith, C. Ped.
Over 30 Years Experience


The professionals at Unique Feet Pedorthics, Inc., understand how the construction of footwear can cause your feet to hurt.  Ill-fitting shoes contribute to many common foot problems such as: corns, bunions, hammertoes, blistering and callusing.  Individuals who suffer from disease, deformity, overuse and injury are further challenged to find shoes that fit and are comfortable.

Evaluation and recommendations for properly fitted footwear is one of the most overlooked components in treating foot maladies. The shoe plays a vital role in good foot care whether accommodating a foot's size and shape properly, when fitting orthotics, or when applying internal or external shoe modifications.  Practitioners that neglect to consider the effect the shoe has on a problem foot or foot orthotic therapy jeopardize the attainment of a successful therapeutic outcome.  A Certified Pedorthist has the knowledge and tools to transform a shoe into comprehensive foot therapy.
Unique Feet Pedorthics, Inc. has available women's footwear lengths of 5-13 and widths AAA-EEE and men's lengths 6 1/2 -16 and widths AA-EEEEE. Over a dozen different lasts are available to fit the foot shape properly. Our facility stocks extra depth footwear for hard-to-fit feet, foot orthotics, and brace-work. Our selection of footwear can contribute to the accommodation, correction, treatment and support of biomechanical defects of the foot. We focus on the function and comfort of the shoe when it is mated with the foot.



 Depth sandals that will accommodate inserts.

 Depth footwear fits inserts and brace work.

 Unique Feet Pedorthics, Inc. is a pedorthic footwear dealer for:

  • Brooks Sports, Inc.                                                                                                              
  • Drew Shoe Corporation
  • Finn Comfort
  • Markell
  • NEOS Overshoes
  • Prop├ęt USA, Inc.
  • P.W. Minor
  • Sunrise Qi

Custom molded footwear is one of the very specialized services that our facility offers to the community.  Foot deformities that cannot be accommodated with stock footwear can be successfully fitted and treated with custom footwear from Unique Feet Pedorthics, Inc.

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